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Secrets of East Anglian Magic
  • Secrets of East Anglian Magic

Secrets of East Anglian Magic

Kattava ja hyvin kuvitettu teos Itä-Anglian alueen maagisen perinteen historiasta ja sen käytöstä nykyään.


A new edition of this excellent book with many new illustrations making it much superior to the original version. A rich sourcebook for talismanic magic, charms against evil, household and animal magic, folk recipes, ceremonies of protection, curative spells and recipes, offering a unique and fascinating insight into the little-known techniques and traditions of East Anglia, with emphasis on the practical, useful nature of 'nameless art' as a magical path to self-awareness. From the magical realms of eastern England comes the 'nameless art', the magical spiritual inheritance of East Anglia, land of horse-whisperers, wizards and witches, cunning men and wise women. With its roots in the pagan traditions of the ancient Anglians and Danes who lived there in former times, East Anglian magic has rarely been written about, and never before in such depth. This is the first practical guide to these traditional secrets. Containing a wealth of information, this book gives not only a history of magic in this region, but also explains the current use of its ancient skills and wisdom, revealing the origins and mysteries and explaining the underlying principles of this magic, enabling the reader to come into a dynamic interaction with nature, personified by spirits, becomes approachable.

Capall Bann


Nigel Pennick
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